UNO#24 introduces and highlights one of the main challenges that executives will face in the coming years: the digital transformation

Articles in this issue

Digital transformation 
by José Antonio Llorente

Digital citizenship 
by José Antonio Zarzalejos

A citizen-conscious digital agenda 
by Pedro Huichalaf

Preparing for the revolution
by Javier Rodríguez

The convergence of the physical and digital worlds
by Leticia Espinosa

Disrupção digital no marketing e comunicação
by Bruno Monteiro

Dreaming today about the cities of tomorrow
by Carles Lloret

Toward a new transformed reality
by Pablo Santos and José Manuel Massó

New economic trends and paradigms in the digital era
by María Waleska

The secret of putting people at the center of digital transformation
by Alejandro Romero

A transformação digital que começou há 30 anos 
by Madalena Cascais Tomé

Digital trasnformation at Unidad Editorial
by Javier Cabrerizo

by Pelayo Covarrubias

Digital experiences for today's consumer
by Martín Migoya

Digital transformation in Public Administration
by Alberto Ortiz

High impact, technology and the keys to success in the age of digital transformation
by Lauri I. Maydón

O que significa ser digital para uma empresa?
by Patrícia Dias

We are all Startups. Genuine transformation: myths and keys
by Adolfo Corujo and Sergio Cortés

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