Consuelo Álvarez de Toledo

Director of Infolatam

She is the Director of Infolatam, the main online platform for information, opinion and analysis about Latin America and Director of Campus América Latina. She is graduated in Law and Journalism. She worked in Actualidad Económica, Cambio 16 and El Socialista. She was a political correspondent in the constituent assembly for Agencia EFE. She was an analyst of Spanish politics in various media: daily newspapers (El Mundo and ABC, among others), weekly newspapers (Tiempo) and radio and TV programs (Antena3, COPE, Tele5, RNE and TVE). She was Defender of Spectators in Antena 3 and a member of Radio Televisión Española’s Board of Directors. She has published two books: Vida de mi vida, confidencias de jóvenes abuelos (2003) and 4 días de marzo: de las mochilas de la muerte al vuelco electoral (2004), Editorial Planeta.

Articles published in UNO