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Cristina Garmendia
Chairwoman of the COTEC Foundation for Innovation
Degree and Ph.D. in Biological Sciences and MBA from IESE Business School. She was Minister of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain. After leaving the government, she resumed her responsibilities in the companies she founded, Ysios and Genetrix. She also chairs the Spanish-German biotech company Expedeon AG and the Spanish-American company Satlantis Microsats. She is president of the COTEC Foundation and sits on several advisory boards of universities and business administration. She is an advisor to the European Commission as a member of the High-Level Group (HLG), which has formulated the recommendations for the design of the 9th Framework Program (2021-2026) of the European Union. Her work and entrepreneurial vision have been recognized on several occasions with awards for research and business innovation.

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