Enrique Alcat

Executive Director of the Advanced Program in IE Business School

Mr. Alcat is the Executive Director of the Advanced Program in Business and Communications Management organized by the IE Business School and the Asociación de Directivos en Comunicación. He has a degree in Information Sciences from the University of Navarra and a PDD from the IESE Business School. He has trained over 8,000 senior managers in communication and has handled over 200 cases of corporate crisis. He is the author of the following books: Y ahora ¿Qué? (What is next?), Seis recetas para superar la crisis (Six recipes for overcoming the crisis) and ¡Influye!(Influence!). Mr. Alcat has received the Manager Thinker 2010 award for his contribution in the field of communication in the business world. @EnriqueAlcat

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