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Javier Sirvent
Technology Evangelist
Communications media and experts have dubbed him a Technology Evangelist. Sirvent is considered one of the most brilliant minds in the Spanish technology industry, as he is a visionary who connects the worlds of science and technology. He is the author of several industrial patents and the founder of companies that consult on innovation and IoT for entities in various sectors, including insurance, banking, industry 4.0, transport, retail and more. A professor at EOI, INESDI, IE Business School, CH.Garrigues, ICADE, ESIC, ICEMD, The Valley Digital School, FOM Industria4.0, Telefónica Schools of Excellence and various other educational programs for businesses and people on digital transformation, disruptive innovation and exponential technologies, Sirvent has also been a speaker at several conferences. He has shared a stage with experts such as the founder of Twitter, global genetics and molecular engineering authority George Church, Apple co-Founder Steve Wozniak and executives from companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon. These are just some of the people with whom he shares friendship, passions and a few unmentionable secrets. [Spain]

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