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Raúl Rivera
Author of “Nuestra Hora: Los Latinoamericanos en el Siglo XXI”” and Founder of the Fundación Avonni
He is the author of the book Nuestra Hora: Los Latinoamericanos en el Siglo XXI (our time: Latin Americans from the 21st century) (Pearson), which debunks many myths about Latin America and calls on Latin Americans to unite their forces around a regional project according to their possibilities. He is the Founder of Fundación Avonni, which gives the National Innovation Awards together with the Chilean government, of Fundación Mentores por Chile and TNX, the leading company of Telecom Expense Management in Latin America. He is also the director of Principal in Latin America. During the 80’s and 90’s, he promoted the expansion of Boston Consulting Group in San Francisco, Iberia and Latin America. @raulriveraa

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