UNO July 2015

Congratulations to LLORENTE & CUENCA

The fact that a professional services company like LLORENTE & CUENCA is celebrating its twentieth anniversary deserves, as well as our congratulations to those who founded it, its partners and its employees, a general reflection.

The companies that have withstood the tensions of recent years, expanding and creating jobs, are those that have managed, through their products and services, to add value to their customers and generate confidence in their areas of business.

Innovation, research and development policies on the one hand, and the diversification of markets on the other, have allowed the Spanish company, in general, to withstand the effects of the crisis particularly well.

For Spanish companies, the Iberian and Latin American areas are large areas with the potential for internationalisation.

reyWe have close ties and links of a very different order with Portugal and the rest of the Iberoamerican countries and this allows business to develop in keeping with the cultures of those markets where high levels of symbiosis and synergies are achieved.

This has been rightly understood by LLORENTE & CUENCA.

And so we recognise its entrepreneurial spirit to mark this significant date in the evolution of a company that is still young but yet highly experienced.

With these words of congratulations and encouragement, I would like to join in with all those wishing it the best for its twentieth anniversary, passing on to all its managers and employees my best wishes for their present and future, so that it can continue to support the economic development of the countries in which it operates.

Felipe VI

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