As time goes by, Corporate Social Responsibility has become a part of all large companies. There is no large or medium company, whether national or multinational, that does not have a CSR department, which is in itself already a great achievement and a sign that our business landscape has matured. In recent years, it has become clear that the way forward consists in ensuring that Corporate Social Responsibility also permeates all aspects of company culture, from top to bottom and from bottom to top, placing discipline in the core business of company management.

Business durability depends to a great extent on reputation, with CSR being a key cog in the wheel

This issue of UNO magazine tackles the new challenges and opportunities for a proper strategy and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a new scenario based on a market that demands sustainable and inclusive equity.

01_1Recent cases of malpractice in the management of business impact on society and the environment have placed the need for sound CSR strategies back on the business and institutional agenda. The capital-based market, where short-term solutions used to be applied, has made way for a new paradigm in which business durability depends to a great extent on reputation, with CSR being a key cog in the wheel.

Is this a turning point? Has CSR lost its credibility for society? Or rather, has the time arrived, more than ever, to promote its practice? Without a doubt, we now find ourselves facing a new scenario in which CSR communications, that is, conveying business opportunities, risks, and progress to target audiences through a multi-channel strategy is crucially important to ensure business success.

In this way, this issue is meant to cast light on the direction of this discipline, its main challenges in the current scenario, and the opportunities that are arising. To do so, we have asked leading industry experts to share their thoughts, which we hope you will find interesting.