UNO April 2019

TOUS: The challenge of seducing today’s consumer

With more than 4,000 professionals, TOUS promotes a corporate culture based on its legacy, commitment and creativity. Affection, fun and a youthful spirit are the values associated with our product, brand and how we communicate. It is, without doubt, a major differentiating factor from other companies.

When discussing company values, at TOUS we think of “creativity” because we dare to do things differently, with agility, courage and quality. We think of “commitment” because we pursue our dreams freely, improving our world, concerning ourselves with our collaborators and building a common project together. We think of “teamwork” because together we create a shared business project, one in which individual talent always follows team results based on the quality of relationships. We also think of “globality.” Present in more than 50 countries, we mix knowledge of the diversity that surrounds us into our business decisions, products, processes and relationships with our associates. Last but not least, we think of “globality,” because we work together, with focus and precision, to exceed expectations and deliver the quality they deserve, always listening to our customers and providing value during every moment of their lives.

“TOUS has evolved to be able to continue surprising the world with its innovations and design, without losing its essence”

There is no one value more important than any other. All are essential, defining us as a brand and ensuring TOUS’ position in the market. These values are reflected throughout the brand’s entire trajectory to earn our consumers’ trust and adapt to their needs in each country where we do business. TOUS has evolved to be able to continue surprising the world with its innovations and design, without losing its essence. We combine the latest technologies with artisanal techniques that are part of our trade and tradition. We have a clear vision, which is to turn TOUS into the most successful and desired jewelry and accessories brand in the world, and a firm commitment to provide value to our customers, employees and society as a whole.

As such, we gave ourselves the following challenges: advance in ecommerce, multi-channels and digitalization. Ecommerce represents a major opportunity for retail brands. Currently, TOUS sales through digital channels are at 6 percent. Although this is more than remarkable given the importance of physical stores in each market (more than 700 stores around the world), it still has a great deal of growth potential. TOUS grew digital sales by 36 percent in 2017 after two years of record increases following the launch of this channel, which is now operational in 14 markets.

Multi-channeling is another clear strategic focus thanks to the tangible benefits it provides customers, offering flexibility in terms of purchase and collection options. At our points-of-sale, we are focusing on multi-channel innovations above all else, using technology and digitalization to facilitate purchases for our customers. Now, you can reserve your products from our ecommerce platform and pick them up in stores, or buy a product from the store without it being physically present, then receive it at home or pick it up at the store later.

“TOUS has made a firm commitment to digitization and service flexibility”

Finally, I would like to highlight digitization, as it represents a great opportunity for brands, not to mention the impact it has on customer relationships. It allows greater engagement, which is increasingly necessary to connect with today’s consumers. As such, TOUS has made a firm commitment to digitalization and service flexibility. The general trend toward digital consumers, as well its positioning and reliability as an affordable luxury jewelry brand, have allowed a consolidation of the international and multi-channel trends. For us, being “digitalized” means having accurate information systems to achieve both an improvement in our relationships with current and potential customers and a better quality of service. This is how we get to be admired around the world—by offering jewelry and accessories that are part of the important moments in our customers’ lives, and remaining an exciting brand that generates value thanks to the quality, passion and spirit of service in all concerned.

Anaïs Durand
Director of Marketing and Communications at TOUS
She has focused on luxury for most of her professional career. Before becoming director of Marketing and Communications at TOUS, she led the marketing departments of Swarovski and luxury giant Richemont and headed sales and marketing for Lancel Paris and Alfred Dunhill. In 2013, she became the marketing director for bridal fashion company Pronovias. After her time there, the French executive returned to Swarovski as marketing director in Italy until her arrival to TOUS in 2016. [France]

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